MidwayUSA Foundation Puts $5.4M To Youth Shooting Sports Programs

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The MidwayUSA Foundation is investing in the future of shooting, in a big way. The non-profit group has announced it has put $5.4 million into youth shooting sports programs in the U.S., including a massive chunk of cash in its latest grant cycle.

Here’s what the Foundation said about its most recent payout:

We have wrapped up another grant cycle and 955 youth shooting teams, nationwide, have received their cash grant to assist with expenses, including ammunition, targets, entry fees, travel, gear, and more. Our latest grant cycle paid $4,378,805 and the average payout per team was $4,585. Every dollar allows more of our youth to be part of shooting sports. Supporting these high school and college athletes is an investment in the future of the outdoor industry. This successful grant cycle wouldn’t be available to the youth shooting community without our supportive sponsors, donors, and others in the outdoor community!

While youth teams are the focus of spending, the MidwayUSA Foundation will also fund other organizations that are focused on youth shooting sports, whether it’s through hosting events, training coaches or otherwise supporting youth shooters. The latest funding round saw more than a million dollars sent to 38 organizations, to help younger firearms competitors develop their skills.

The MidwayUSA Foundation helped the Warroad Warriors with club expenses this year. [MidwayUSA Foundation]
Doug C. Lindner, president of the Warroad Warriors Trap Club, said his group was able to benefit young shooters in several ways thanks to the Foundation’s investment.

This grant opportunity has helped us lower fees, add summer camps for the shooters, and purchase shooting vests and equipment for training and safety.

There is more spending to come in 2024. The MidwayUSA Foundation is getting ready to open its first grant cycle of 2024 (open April 15-June 15). Shooting teams can apply for a cash grant once a year; miss the first grant cycle, and there’s a second running from October 15 to December 15. Head here, to the Team Grants page, for more details on how that process works. The Foundation wants to make sure their money is spent wisely, so there are guidelines and rules to follow.

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