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The top selling rifle in the USA.

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Has “The Silencing” Begun? The Marine Corps Experimenting by Suppressing an Entire Battalion

On the defense side, sound suppressors have been relegated to special roles ever since their invention. Used to give stealth to special operatives, assassins, and direct action teams, silencers have been valuable tools, but not central fixtures in normal military [Read More…]

A British Army soldier provides overwatch with his L129A1 rifle in Afghanistan. Image source: reddit A_coalition_Special_Operations_Forces_member_fires_his_sniper_rifle_from_a_hilltop_during_a_firefight_near_Nawa_Garay_village_(120403-N-MY805-202) Amend2 Mags - 660x380 PEO_M4_Carbine_RAS_M68_CCO F1 P1090451 IMG_4890 guns-guns-guns.jpg.size.custom.crop.838x650 cr22223 IAR2 ar155_build_box_complete img_6587 DSC03187 Screen Shot 2016-11-04 at 3.40.50 PM Capture IMG_4829 A render of the REV A03 magazine prototype, which became the Hexmag HX30-AR. In 2014, the company fell out with the magazine's designer, Adam Schefter, and now has attempted to erase him from the company's official history. Image credit: Adam Schefter

BREAKING: Hexmag CAUGHT Erasing Magazine’s Designer from Official Company History – A TFB EXCLUSIVE

In a story that could be ripped right from the annals of Stalin-era Soviet history, polymer AR-15 magazine manufacturer Hexmag has been caught whitewashing its official corporate history to eliminate any mention of the original designer of the magazine, replacing him [Read More…]

colors Different bore diameters give rounds different properties. Despite the fact that all three rounds shown here - 7.62x39, 5.6x39 Russian, and 6.5x38 Grendel (two on the right) - all use the same case base and have virtually the same case capacity, they have very different ballistic properties due to their different bore and bullet diameter. 12064462_552941461526169_1024885050_n

Curious case of Mad Bull Airsoft in Iraq

If you looked at this photograph and thought to yourself, “This looks like a 40x46mm Low Velocity grenade launcher, but it is unlike any launcher currently used by any Military/LE force”, then you’d be halfway to a solid conclusion. However if you are [Read More…]

20151129_144751+(1) 14676771_913366202126878_3516951171673620480_n IMG_4538 The HK416F variant adopted by the French Army. Note the specialized bayonet lug apparently designed for launching rifle grenades. Image source:

Will France and Germany Adopt a Unified Weapon? Heckler & Koch Poised to Take European Rifle Market

France has just adopted the HK416 as its new standard infantry rifle, replacing the FAMAS, and Germany is on a path to a new weapon, aiming to divest herself of the controversial G36. This raises the question: Will Germany and France adopt a unified arm? These two [Read More…]

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