[SHOT 2024] CoolFire Trainer Shows New AR Training Adapter

    Coolfire Trainer

    CoolFire Trainer, known for its CO2-powered drop-in conversion kits for pistols, has now expanded its innovative training solutions to include AR-pattern rifles. Distinguished from their pistol kits—which necessitated a barrel swap—the new AR kit simplifies the conversion process by only requiring users to remove their existing bolt and replace it with CoolFire’s system.

    This new training adapter provides users the opportunity to practice dry firing with added realism, thanks to the auto-resetting feature of the trigger and a sensation that mimics actual recoil. An interesting facet of the system is that it’s charged using a common CO2 tank, with each charge good for approximately 90 shots.

    The AR training adapter also offers customization through the ability to integrate either a laser or an infrared pointer, enhancing the target practice experience. Adapted from technology initially developed by Dvorak and tailored for the civilian market, this innovative system aims to maintain the feel and function of the user’s own rifle—restating the essence of the technology as “Everything about this is your gun, except for the bolt.”

    The Coolfire Trainer AR adapter is set to be available for sale later in 2024, with the asking price hovering around $650, offering a high-fidelity training tool for AR rifle enthusiasts.