Rock River Arms BT-2 ATR: New Ambidextrous AR

Zac K
by Zac K
Rock River Arms’ new Rock River Arms BT-2 ATR is for either left-handed or right-handed shooters. [Rock River Arms]

Rock River Arms has heard the cries of all you lefties out there and has announced the BT-2 ATR. What’s that, all you right-handed shooters cry—you’re saying this is reverse discrimination? No, it isn’t, because the new Rock River Arms BT-2 ATR controls are ambidextrous.

Rock River Arms @ TFB:

Errr, make that “mostly” ambidextrous. The forward assist is still on the right side of the receiver. However, the other, more important stuff can be used either left-handed or right-handed. There’s a Radian Raptor charging handle that can be used either way. The same goes for the safety selector and the magazine release. The bolt catch/release assembly is also ambidextrous.

To do this, Rock River Arms built their own billet upper and lower receivers from 7075 T6 billet aluminum, to house the controls on both sides. Note that, as delivered, some controls may need to be switched from right to left; they are not duplicated on both sides of the rifle.

Also, note that the ejection port remains on the right-hand side of the rifle. This isn’t a complete redesign with top-eject or bottom-eject; it’s still mostly a standard AR-15 layout.

Sorry, lefties. If you want something that's truly ambidextrous, you'll need something other than an AR that retains side ejection to the right. Still, Rock River Arms has done the best they can inside the restrictions of this design. [Rock River Arms]
The barrel is chrome-lined, and 16 inches long, with a 1:9 twist. An A2-pattern flash hider comes standard. The .75-inch gas block is Rock River Arms’ own design, and so is the two-stage Ultra Match trigger, with a 4.5-5 pound pull. Rock River Arms also built the BT-2 13-inch free-floating forend, with M-LOK slots for attachments, and the six-position NSP-2 CAR buttstock. That buttstock comes with QD swivel mount points built in on each side. The beavertail pistol grip comes from Hogue; it has texturized, rubber panels so it’s easy and comfortable to hold. Overall, the rifle weighs 6.8 pounds unloaded.

Currently, the Rock River Arms BT-2 ATR comes chambered in 5.56 NATO, and online reports say it carries an MSRP of $2,110, shipping with a hard case, a 30-round mag, and a manual. It’s not currently listed on their website, but it will surely appear there soon.

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  • Uncle Yar Uncle Yar on Mar 07, 2024

    If it goes for 1300, maybe.

    I'm not paying 800 dollars premium for QD sockets on the lower and a 1:9 barrel twist. UnbrandedAR makes an ambi bolt release lower for relative peanuts. I think it's like 150 with all parts except trigger of choice?

  • Predrag djuric Predrag djuric on Mar 09, 2024

    An interesting rifle.