[SHOT 2024] Blackout Defense Releases Improved Quantum DTL Barrel Nut Design and More

TFB Staff
by TFB Staff

Blackout Defense, a firearm manufacturer known for its innovative designs, announced rollouts and improvements across its product line, including new caliber options for their Quantum DTL rifles, a barrel nut upgrade, and an innovative non-rotational gas block system. These announcements come in addition to their commitment to creating and shipping firearms adherent to various state compliance rules, including California, Maryland, and New Jersey.

CEO and CTO of Blackout Defense, Tom, highlighted one of their new products, a firearm chambered in 6mm ARC. Balanced and lightweight, this rifle is designed with ease of use in mind. “The user could easily make it lighter by swapping out the heavy stock for example, but out of the box it’s a balanced and lightweight shooter and has become my go-to. I think this one will be super popular.”

6mm ARC Specs:
– Barrel: Blackout Defense Lead Lapped or Proof Carbon Fiber Blank Chambered by Blackout Defense
– Twist Rate: 1:7 twist
– BCG: NP3 Finished Blackout Defense BCG
– Lower Parts: Blackout Defense Lower Parts
– Furniture: B5

Apart from new caliber options, the company also showcased their latest barrel nut upgrade. Unique for its use of aluminum interlocking nuts, the upgraded system adds a copper nut to the assembly, contributing to improved heat dissipation, crucial for carbon fiber barrels and those subjected to high round counts in a short space of time.

Alongside these, Blackout Defense has also launched a new gas block system. Born from a demand for a non-rotational pinned gas block, the company introduced an innovative tool-less system, secured through a combination of a heavy spring and a snap ring that snaps into a groove.

Previous rifles, including the Quantum Mark 2 and Quantum DTL models, offered by Blackout Defense have been well-received by firearm enthusiasts across various states. The team at Blackout Defense brings over 15 years of expertise from mission-critical areas such as aerospace to elevate their product design and manufacturing techniques. The manufacture of their products takes place in their state-of-the-art facility based in Chandler, Arizona. All Blackout Defense rifles come with a state-compliant magazine, further cementing their commitment to adhering to state-specific firearm rules.

TFB Staff
TFB Staff

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  • Mig1nc Mig1nc on Jan 30, 2024

    I keep telling myself to not buy into the 6ARC hyper... Must fight... the urge... to FO.

  • Max Mller Max Mller on Jan 30, 2024

    They are really driving innovation.
    Although the gasblock is kinda funky. An integrated design like the HM Defense Monobloc or the Global Ordonance/Foxtrott Mike Monoilith seems way easier than adding a sping just to avoid a pin.