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The top selling rifle in the USA.

Dead Air + Noveske's 733-style collab. Sylvan Arms Gen 3 AR Hinge Folding Stock 1Adapter (2) BCM MK2 Upper Australian Federal Police select Daniel Defense Mk18 SBR's

The Kali Key AR Bolt Action – Gimmick or California’s Savior?

The Kali Key is one of those products that makes me sad it even exists. Having a product that turns your semi-auto AR into a bolt action with a few simple modifications. Now at first, I was somewhat puzzled why anyone would want to switch their AR to a bolt action and [Read More…]

Evolution Weapon Systems bufferless BCG Geissele Special Agent Line of Products 660 Guns of Stranger Things Season 3 POF-USA Minuteman (1) leo takedown Dead Foot Arms Gen 2 MCS Folding Stock Adapter (1) ODIN Works CQ-S Spring-Loaded Compact Stock (1) Daniel Defense GRIP-N-RIP Ambidextrous Charging Handle (1)

What Would You Buy If You Had An Hour To Spend 1 Million Dollars On Guns and Gear?

Occasionally I’ll sit down in a restaurant with family or good buddies and strike up gun related conversations. A few years ago my dad jokingly said he would love to give me a million dollars to buy whatever gun parts I wanted, but the catch would be I only had an [Read More…]

New Big Bore Calibers for Wilson Combat Rifles - .350 Legend, .375 SOCOM, .450 Bushmaster (1) Franklin Armory Title 1 Deals-of-the-Week-Header-1