Geissele Super Duty MOD1 SBR 5.56 Rifles

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Geissele Automatics have expanded their line of Super Duty 5.56 ARs with the introduction of the MOD1 SBR rifles. These new Geissele short-barreled rifles are available with 10.3″ and 11.5″ barrels and are essentially the stocked versions of their MOD1 Pistols. Let’s take a closer look.

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The barrels of Geissele Super Duty MOD1 SBR rifles are cold hammer forged, chrome-lined, manganese phosphate coated, high-pressure tested and magnetic particle inspected. The twist rate is 1:7″ and the gas system is carbine length for both barrel lengths. The 10.3″ and 11.5″ barreled rifles come with 9.3″ and 10.5″ Geissele SMR MK16 M-LOK rails respectively. All MOD1 SBR rifles are equipped with HUXWRX Flash Hider-QD 556 suppressor-ready muzzle devices.

Geissele Super Duty MOD1 SBR - 10.3 barrel, Luna Black color

Geissele SD MOD1 SBR rifles are built with 7075-T6 Super Duty receivers and feature Geissele Ultra Duty lower parts, Super Compact gas blocks, Reliability Enhanced BCGs, Geissele Stressproof bolts, SSA-X two-stage triggers with Lighting Bow, 7075-T6 mil-spec buffer tubes, Super-42 braided wire buffer springs, H3 buffers, QD endplates, Airborne charging handles, B5 Systems Enhanced SOPMOD stocks and Geissele A17 pistol grips. The 10.3″ barreled rifles have an overall length of 27 3/4″ (stock fully collapsed) and weigh in at 6.2 lbs. The MOD1 SBRs with an 11.5″ barrel are 29″ long and weigh 6.31 lbs.

Geissele Super Duty MOD1 SBR - 11.5 barrel, DDC color

Geissele SD MOD1 SBR rifles with 10.3″ barrels are available in Luna Black and ODG (Olive Drab Green) colors. The color options for the 11.5″ barreled rifles are Black and DDC (Desert Dirt Color). Except for the Black 11.5″ rifle which has a $1,995 price, all other versions of the Geissele Super Duty MOD1 SBR rifle have an MSRP of $2,325. For more information, visit

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