Geissele Super Duty Rifles Win LAPD SWAT Contract

Daniel Y
by Daniel Y
Geissele Super Duty Rifles Win LAPD SWAT Contract

Geissele Automatics announced today on Instagram that the Super Duty rifle won an LAPD contract for the SWAT and Tactical Surveillance Teams. LAPD SWAT has used the HK416 for several years, but it seems those days are ending. Let’s see what this new gun has to offer.

Geissele @ TFB:

Geissele’s post also included two images of an 11.5-inch barrel Super Duty SBR, presumably the gun that won the contract. It looks very close to the Super Duty MOD1 pistol listed on Geissele’s site. That gun has a cold hammer forged, 1-7″ twist barrel with a carbine gas system. Geissele also lists a Super-42 buffer system with an H3 buffer. Without a full parts list, this is probably the best indication we have of how the guns are set up. Interestingly, the muzzle device is from HUXWRX. We will have to wait and see if these rifles turn up in the news with HUXWRX silencers.

The Super Duty is a good bit lighter than the HK416 it is replacing. H&K lists the minimum 416 weight as 7.21 pounds. Geissele does not list a weight for the 11.5 Super Duty pistol, but some retailers list it as 5 pounds 11 ounces with an arm brace.

This is not the only big contract Geissele has won in recent memory. US Customs and Border Protection moved to Super Duty rifles starting in late 2022. Big G also won the SOCOM Mid Range Gas Gun – Sniper contract for a large-frame 6.5 Creedmoor rifle just a few months ago. If you want to get started on a new LAPD clone, the Super Duty 11.5 pistol is out of stock as of writing but retails for $2,200.

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From the manufacturer:

Geissele Automatics was selected to provide rifles for the Los Angeles Police Department’s Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) and Tactical Surveillance Team. LAPD’s SWAT team is recognized as one of the foremost police tactical units in law enforcement, regularly conducting training with numerous civilian and military counter-terrorist teams and on top of the latest equipment technology.

All images from Geissele

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