[SHOT 2020] Geissele Super Precision 1-6 First Impressions

Rusty S.
by Rusty S.
[SHOT 2020] Geissele Super Precision Optic and mount

The Geissele Super Precision 1-6 x 28

Down at the end of Industry Day at the Range was Geissele with a ton of their rifles set up with various sighting devices. Of most import was their new Super Precision 1-6 optic. Mounted to the rifles with their Super Precision Magnified Optic Mount, it was fun and easy to get on targets out to 200 yards (purely a limitation of the range, not the optic). Clarity and light transmission through the 30mm tube seemed good, even when shooting from under cover on an overcast day.

[SHOT 2020] Geissele Super Precision Optic and mount in DDC (Desert Dirt Color)
[SHOT 2020] Geissele Super Precision Optic and mount
Central to the Super Precision 1-6 is the DMMR-1 Reticle. The DMMR-1 uses mil and half mil marks, and has range estimation marks slightly above the left hand X axis. Being that it is a SFP scope, the range estimation marks are accurate at 6x. The reticle was sharp and clear, and it didn’t seem as if the scope displayed edge distortion on the range or on the show floor.
[SHOT 2020] DMMR-1 Reticle. Image credit: Geissele
[SHOT 2020] Geissele Super Precision Optic and mount
[SHOT 2020] Geissele Super Precision Optic and mount
Per Geissele:

The Super Precision 1-6 by Geissele Automatics is a robust 1-6x26mm rifle scope designed specifically with the AR platform in mind. Combining the Geissele DMRR-1 reticle with the scope’s zoom range (true 1x to 6x) allows the user to quickly acquire a target, estimate range and employ accurate fire at short to medium ranges. A 26mm objective lens increases light transmission that lets the extremely high quality lenses render a crystal clear and vivid image that is both sharp and color accurate. This scope has a 30mm Tube size, and is made from Aircraft Grade 6061-T6 aluminum. It is finished in your choice of black or ddc Type-3 Hardcoat Anodize.

The DMRR-1 Reticle is custom to Geissele Automatics and allows the user quick range estimation and the ability to place accurate firepower at the most useful distances for most shooters. By using MILs, our DMRR-1 reticle is not tied down to a single caliber, making our scope appropriate for a wide variety of platforms and uses, there are hlaf mil markings as well to help with further dial in adjustments. The range estimation feature (accurate at 6x) of the DMRR-1 Reticle lets you quickly and effectively range a standard target at a distance of 3, 4 and 5 hundred meters using shoulder width or shoulder to waist ratio. Being a Second Focal Plane, the DMRR-1 reticle will maintain its size through the scope’s zoom levels.

The Super Precision 1-6 is not yet available as an optic and mount bundle, but it would make sense to see that offered in the future. MSRP is $975 for the anodized black optic and $1075 for the DDC.

Full Specs:
Magnification: 1x-6x
Reticle: DMMR-1
Objective Lens: 26mm
Tube Size: 30mm
Eye Relief: 90mm
Focal Plane: Second
Field of View: 1x – 111.2 feet at 100 yards, 6x – 18.33 feet at 100 yards
Turrel Style: Low Profile Capped, Resettable for Zero
Click Value Adjustment: 0.2 MIL
Travel Per Rotation: 20 MIL
Elevation/Windage Adjustment: UP/DOWN 60MIL – LEFT/RIGHT 24MIL
Parallax: 100 yards
Length: 10.5 inches
Weight: 24.2 ounces
Materials: Aircraft Grade A6061-T6 Aluminum
Battery: CR2032
Brightness Levels: 6x
Finish: Type 3 Hardcoat Anodize
IPX Rating: IP66 (Dust proof and safe from high pressure spray)

Super 700 Trigger

[SHOT 2020] Geissele Super 700 Trigger
Also present (and new-ish) at Geissele’s booth was a Remington 700 chambered in 5.56 featuring their new Super 700 trigger. The trigger is adjustable from 1.5-3.5lbs and can be set for single stage or two stage operation. Sear engagement and overtravel can also be adjusted. The safety is “Triple Redundant”, blocking the trigger, the internal mechanism and the transfer bar.
[SHOT 2020] Geissele Super 700 Trigger
[SHOT 2020] Geissele Super 700 Trigger
My hands on first impression of the trigger was that its got a very nice feel. The show model was set up as two-stage, and each press yielded smooth take-up and a crisp break at roughly 2lbs. TFrom a gunsmith’s perspective, Geissele dealt with lot of problem areas with the 700 trigger in an elegant, easy to work with fashion. MSRP is $250.

For more information, please visit Geissele Automatics.

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Rusty S.
Rusty S.

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  • Josh coffman Josh coffman on Jan 27, 2020

    Weighs too much. Only rated for a dusting and can’t be submerged. Overpriced. But it comes in a cool color with the gessiele name.

  • JDT JDT on Jan 29, 2020

    This scope looks like a fat pig...Whoa! 24.2oz , it is a fat pig! I'll stick with my $250 Vortex Strike Eagle