NEW Vortex Optics Defender-XL Micro Red Dot: More Glass for your Gun

Adam Scepaniak
by Adam Scepaniak

We all know Vortex Optics for having a wide breadth of glass for us to choose from regardless of our use case. This includes micro red dots which Vortex has been revamping in recent years with the unveiling of their Defender series. Now, Vortex Optics has announced the next optic in the continuation of their Defender series of micro red dots with the unveiling of the Defender-XL.

Vortex Optics @ TFB:

The Vortex Optics Defender-XL micro red dot has an MSRP of $599, and if this red dot is tempting your wallet, you have the option of a 5 MOA or 8 MOA dot size to choose from. Also, like many Vortex products, you get a hoard of screws, tools, and essentials to get you up and running. The rest of the attributes you may need to know are listed below from Vortex Optics:

  • 7075 ALUMINUM SIGHT HOUSING for added strength and corrosion resistance
  • ULTRA-WIDE ASPHERICAL LENS for distortion-free sight picture and truer colors
  • ADVANCED SHOCKSHIELD™ POLYMER INSERT to protect against hard, daily abuse
  • FAST-RACK™ TEXTURED FRONT FACE that adds grip for racking slides
  • ADJUSTABLE BRIGHTNESS for customizable illumination settings
  • 10-MINUTE AUTO-SHUTOFF to preserve battery life
  • MOTION ACTIVATED for instant readiness when you need it
  • DELTAPOINT® PRO FOOTPRINT for versatile mounting on pistols, ARs, and shotguns
  • 5 or 8 MOA red dot options available

Barneveld, Wisconsin – Responding to the demands of serious competitors, Vortex® is excited to introduce a red dot that sets a higher standard for speed and accuracy in competitive shooting. Understanding the critical role of quick target engagement and flexibility in dynamic shooting environments, the Defender-XL™ is a new tool for shooters aiming to dominate the competition.

The ultra-wide sight window of the Defender-XL™ significantly enhances the field of view. This crucial feature means faster speed to target, quicker and more accurate follow-up shots. It also enables greater versatility in unconventional shooting positions, ensuring competitors can adapt swiftly in dynamic scenarios.

Now that a Defender-CCW (concealed carry size), Defender-ST (standard size), and Defender-XL (extra large size) red dots are available from Vortex optics, it appears that the Defender family is finally complete. As always, let us know all of your thoughts about Vortex Optics and the new Defender-XL in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

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  • Cornpop Cornpop on Jun 04, 2024

    Dayum I'm about ready to purchase the ST but hold-on I may be getting this instead.

  • Voronalis Voronalis on Jun 05, 2024

    So what happened to the Compdot that was leaked with S&W's world record revolver? Or is Vortex doing a dumb and introducing two self competing XL window MRDS' at the same time?