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[SHOT 2018] Geissele Introduces Remington 700 Triggers & New URG-I Upper Receiver

At the 2018 SHOT Show, Geissele Automatics made fans very happy by bringing out 3 new and much-asked for products. First, the company released its new Remington 700 trigger line, which consists of a single SKU adjusted from the factory to two models: Single stage and [Read More…]

CSASS rifle 2017

New Super Night Owl Suppressor from Geissele at Modern Day Marine 2017

Gun accessory manufacturer Geissele has revealed its first ever production suppressor. The new can, called the “Super Night Owl”, was revealed at the Modern Day Marine 2017 industry demonstration. Soldier Systems Daily broke the story with a teaser post, and [Read More…]

Geissele Introduces VSASS Semiautomatic Sniper Rifle at Modern Day Marine 2017

Geissele has taken the step from manufacturing accessories, to making the guns themselves: The company released its new VSASS semiautomatic sniper rifle system at the Modern Day Marine 2017 industry demonstration. News of the new rifle was first broken by Soldier [Read More…]