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Alliance PD Shoot House

Nestled in small Alliance, Ohio is the Alliance Police Training Range. One of the main attractions at the Alliance facility is the 8,100 square foot 360 degree shoot house. The Alliance PD Range was established to provide quality training to military, law enforcement, [Read More…]

British Transport Police armed Arizona bike cops with AR-15s Hesse SEK Modded Type 79 SMGs

[SHOT 2018] Universal 1911, IWB Holsters and the MHS Competition with Safariland

In today’s episode, we follow Miles to Shot Show 2018 and visit the Safariland booth to look at some new holster offerings for 2018. First, we take a look at the new 1911 ALS OWB holster. The beauty of this holster is that it allows for 1911s with or without a rail. This holster also […] [Read More…]

French Police with PM12