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Faxon Firearms SENTINEL 8.6 Blackout AR-10s Now Available [SHOT 2022] Faxon & Q Collaboration 8.6 Blackout Guns (1) SILENCER SATURDAY #179: The Q Erector 9 Modular Suppressor SILENCER SATURDAY #146: Join, Or Die - The Honey Badger Pistol Brace

SILENCER SATURDAY #146: Join, Or Die – The Honey Badger Pistol Brace

Good afternoon readers and thanks for joining us for another edition of Silencer Saturday brought to you by Yankee Hill Machine, manufacturers of the new R9 suppressor. Last week we got a peek at impressively quiet, integrally suppressed, bolt action 9mm rifle from [Read More…]

BREAKING: ATF Issues Cease And Desist for Honey Badger Pistol

BREAKING: ATF Issues Cease And Desist For Honey Badger Pistol

Firearms Manufacturer Q LLC announced today that it was issued a Cease and Desist by the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms. The ATF’s letter notified Q that the Honey Badger pistol is now considered a Short barreled rifle (SBR) and ordered them to immediately [Read More…]

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Q Mini Fix Pistol

The Fix is Kevin Brittingham’s flag ship bolt gun for Q. He came out with a Mini Fix SBR which is small enough to fit into a backpack. Just like the Honey Badger pistol, Q collaborated with SB Tactical and had them make a custom brace so they can make a Mini Fix [Read More…]

Discreet Ballistics 8.6 Creedmoor Podcast Cherry Bomb and Bottle Rocket Muzzle Devices by Q (1) Meter Kevin Brittingham

Q Suppressors Brings Modular Erector and Durable El Camino Silencers to the Range | SHOT 17

Brand new and enigmatically named suppressor company “Q” had a booth at the SHOT Show 2017 Industry Day at the Range, where they showed off their first two suppressor offerings. The first – announced earlier this year – is the El Camino, a [Read More…]