POTD: Size Matters Not To The Honey Badger

    With preorder shipments heading out to dealers across the country, Q’s Honey Badger is rolling into regular sales with a head of steam. Of course, the lightweight 300BLK carbine (and 5.56mm too) isn’t the only silencer on the Portsmouth, New Hampshire company’s menu. Alongside the Honey Badger, Q also offers the Thunder Chicken, Trash Panda, Full Nelson and Half Nelson. Not including their rimfire offerings.

    Recently I saw some requests for a size comparison between the Honey Badger silencer and other Q models. Pictured (top to bottom) is the Honey Badger, Thunder Chicken and Trash Panda silencers.

    Up next are a host of new weapons (see what I did there), including a design for California and additional silencers.

    Honey badger

    Live Q Or Die


    At first glance, The Honey Badger™ by Q appears to be the same as the original. Q focused on taking the iconic ‘Badger to the next level and improved upon every technical aspect of the first-generation design. From the gas system to the trigger, and telescoping stock – HB 2.0 does not disappoint. And this one will make it to your dealer.