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Pork Sword shorty pistol 700CP SILENCER SATURDAY #98: The Lightweight SureFire SOCOM300-TI sur300 supersonic ammo 300BLK SBR Pork Sword Chassis SIG SAUER 300blk 38spc Shootout

SILENCER SATURDAY #37: Subsonic 300BLK Shootout

Good afternoon everyone and thanks for coming back to TFB’s Silencer Saturday, where we consider hearing protection to be one of the core rules of firearm safety. Last week we discussed the performance of the Allen Engineering AEM5 suppressors on both .223 Remington [Read More…]

Podcast Love 300 Blackout 300 blk Bite Micro Galil

Tracking Point’s New 300BLK and Para-rescue DMR SR-25 Rifles | SHOT 2017

At Media Day on the Range we visited Tracking Point and shot their latest precision-guided rifles. New this year they’ve got a 300BLK model, and were demoing a set of Knights Armament SR25 rifles that have been outfitted with Tracking Point technology for use with Air Force para-rescue units. [Read More…]