Q’s Honey Badger Heads To California, Doesn’t Get Arrested

    As drenched as they are in National Firearms Act (NFA) goodness, my friends at Q are experts in all flavors of science and innovation. Even when it comes to building something as polar opposite to suppressors and short barreled rifles – such as a California compliant Honey Badger.

    Now, I know what you are thinking: in a Honey Badger’s DNA is the information for a short, suppressed, semiautomatic rifle platform that focus on silence and compactness. None of which are currently legal in the great state of California. However, in a ‘leave no man/woman behind’ philosophy, Brittingham and the rest of the Q team decided to fill a void and provide Golden State shooters a taste of what most of the U.S. can already enjoy.

    Unfortunately, details on the actual mechanical operation and CA ready designs of the Honey Badger are not yet public. So as speculation trickles through the community, we will have to wait for the full announcement. Needless to say, when they are ready, I’ll take TFB up to Q HQ for some detailed photos of the operation an manufacture of their newest rifle configuration.

    Of course, I have my speculations on the secret sauce that is going in to the west coast builds. But for now ¬†I’ll keep that to myself.¬†Manufacturers interested in licensing the California Honey Badger designs into their own quality rifle builds can contact Q for additional information.

    A few months ago I pledged to offer regular product updates for those who are stuck ‘behind enemy lines’. I am still working with social media outlet #hashtagtical to bring you additional product releases and information in the near future. But consider Q’s latest announcement a leading contender in the race for Top Gun.

    California Honey Badger By Q:

    Q Seacoast Art-Stars Contest For Kids:


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