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    Last night I had the unique opportunity to hang out with some heavy hitters in the firearm industry at a Instagram Live event hosted by my friends at Q. On hand to discuss new product releases and take questions from a Live and virtual audience were Colion Noir, Adam Kraut, Mike Aland, Noveske Rifle Works and of course the complete Q team. The Portsmouth, NH based firearms company is set to release another volley of rifles, silencers an gear in the coming months.

    The Fix By Q: No, you can’t have one in blue. (I asked).

    First up is a pistol caliber version of the Erector silencer. With 10 length combinations and the possibility to be optimized for either 9mm or 45ACP, the latest modular can from Q is about as adaptable as legally possible. Other specifications and details are TBD at the moment, but if all goes well, look for a release right around the time of the 2018 SHOT Show.

    If you aren’t already aware, Brittingham and Company already have a .22LR Erector available to consumers.


    The current Erector by Q – A Modular rimfire silencer is with 10 possible configurations.

    Moving on, fans of the Honey Badger PDW/Carbine have been requesting a stand alone stock option for standard AR15 lower recievers. Pictured here is an early prototype mated to a Noveske lower. Again, the details aren’t set in stone at this point, but look for availability in the coming months.

    Although prototypes weren’t available for fondling, they will be releasing 5.56mm and 300BLK versions of their popular bolt action rifle ‘The Fix’. Could this be my first 300 Blackout rifle? Yes, yes it could.

    Q – Development phases of the ‘The Fix’ currently available.



    The Fix by Q


    Honey Badger by Q!




    Also discussed was the ‘California Compliant‘ version of the Honey Badger; sadly, no additional details to be shared at the moment. Not to worry though, The Firearm Blog will keep you up to speed as information becomes available.

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