A History Of 300 Blackout: TFB On The Podcast By Q

by Pete

One of my favorite perks of working here at The Firearm Blog is not the guns or ammunition – it’s the access to industry leaders who are intelligent, dedicated and passionate about making quality gear. So, when I’m given the chance to talk to people who have literally changed the course of the firearms industry, you bet I’ll take it. A couple of weeks ago Kevin Brittingham and Ethan Lessard of Q were nice enough to take a few hours out of their schedule to talk about the history of 300 Blackout on The Podcast By Q.

To my knowledge, nobody has captured a comprehensive history of the now “household” popular round. In this episode of The Podcast By Q, I was able to ask simple questions like what is a wildcat round and what is SAAMI as well as complex questions about NSWG and their development requirements for a 7.62×39 comparable round in an AR carbine. And answering those questions were the two guys who actually lived all the ups and downs of ammunition, silencer and weapon development for the military and civilian markets over the past 10+ years.

The podcast episode lasts about an hour and a half, but honestly, we could have talked all night long just strictly about 300 Blackout. I think it’s a great beginning and I hope to be invited back to talk more about ammunition development and silencers.

As a semi-disclaimer, I consider the guys at Q to be my friends. So if you think my opinions and views are somehow tainted, feel free to not listen to the podcast. I will say this: if Q was somehow building garbage, I wouldn’t waste your time with their products. But I happen to think they are providing shooters with real innovation.

One last note, I can’t stand the sound of my own voice – there’s a reason I’m a writer and not a Youtuber or Podcaster. I won’t be offended if you mute my questions and just listen to Kevin and Ethan.

A History Of 300 Blackout: TFB On The Podcast By Q

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