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Mannlicher 1897/1901 KE Arms Seeks GWACS Customer Support In Ongoing KP-15 Court Battle Beretta mod. 70/78 (1978) Headstamp Publishing Launches Kickstarter for Pistols of the Warlords Project Lightening

The Vaunted PKM Machine Gun – A Closer Look, from Forgotten Weapons

The Russian PKM: Arguably the best general purpose machine gun in the world, it combines a robust reliability with best-in-class light weight. Ian McCollum of Forgotten Weapons recently released two video overviews of the weapon, giving us a good enough excuse as any to [Read More…]

Possibly the Deal of the Sale: Why I love Ian’s CSRG Buy at Rock Island Auction

Gun Jesus Ian McCollum of Forgotten Weapons has already written about his success at Rock Island Auction’s recent sale, or more specifically about his acquisition of a CSRG Chauchat in .30-06. I love this buy, and here’s why: I wanted it. And, for what it’s [Read More…]