POTD: The Mystery Beretta mod. 70/78 (1978)

    Beretta mod. 70/78 (1978)

    Sometimes the purpose of TFB’s Photo Of The Day is to share the latest news with our readers, sometimes we present important historic events or firearms from a pre-digital age. Today’s photo is from the Beretta vaults. It’s called mod. 70/78 (1978), but we know very little about it. In fact, we know nothing. Using search engines was of little help. The rifle looks like a work of art and reminds me a little of the Swiss SIG 550. It looks like it has a built-in bipod on the front of the handguard.

    So let’s turn to TFB’s greatest resource, our readers, and hope they know more than the Internet. Do you know anything about the mod. 70/78 (1978), its background and history? Why is the pistol grip so steep? Where are the safety and fire selector located? Which caliber was it chambered in and why was it not a success? Which magazines did it use? How many were made?

    A lot of questions remain. Looking forward to reading the comments about this mystery Beretta, so that search engines of the future can use this article as a reference.

    Picture source: Beretta Facebook