The Glock 19 Undergoes The InRange Mud Test – 1 Round Fired

    Over the last few months, InRange TV has found a successful niche of testing various firearms under their internal “Mud Test” for various classic and modern firearms. While not perfectly representative of the various military standards (their mud is “goopier”), the tests are the normal InRange combination of entertainment and learning.

    Latest to the fore is the ubiquitous and venerable Glock 19 compact 9mm handgun. Often touted as the most reliable firearm in production, the Glock 19 is put to the test… where it only gets off a single round before the weapon fails to go into battery.

    Now, before the fanboys get all righteously indignant, the results of the Glock 19 is common for this test across all handguns that use a barrel locked breech. The mud that InRange TV uses is homemade in Arizona and outside of being more liquid than various standards, it’s also far more gritty – meaning much harder for the action to clear out of itself.

    However, most other weapons have been able to get back up and running through remedial action and further troubleshooting. In this particular media, the Glock was unable to get back up and running even with some water-based assistance…

    Perfection? Perhaps not – especially when a Hi-Point beat it in a similar test.


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