SA80: Part 5 & 6 With Forgotten Weapons – Pre-Production to The L85A1 & A2

    I’ve had more than one e-mail from our dear readers on why I continue to write up Forgotten Weapons’ L85 Series. Outside the complaints of repetitiveness, the complaint that struck as the reason why I am publishing them came out – that no one wants to hear of the L85. They would prefer, as ironic as the channel’s name implies – that the weapon be forgotten.

    I contend that is a major mistake. Outside the fact that the A2 is actually a surprisingly good combat weapon, I assert that one who enjoys shooting weapons should also understand the monumental tasks of how companies and governments go about developing and fielding weapons. Rarely is is a stroke of genius – instead its often a long process with ups and downs. Most often, one can learn more from failures than from successes. In that regard, the L85 is an excellent case study.

    In the latest two installments, Ian continues to push through the weapon’s more modern history, covering the final production models and importantly (and most interesting to me), the updates that the weapon underwent to the currently fielded A2 variant.

    As one might expect from the beginning of the series, the update to the A1 was basically a frame-off restoration, with nearly the entire weapon being remanufactured and various modern bits were attached.

    For all the details, enjoy the videos below.


    Nathan S

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