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POTD: Thumbs-up for the Steyr AUG Bullpup? Picture by Oren Cohen. POTD: The Machine Gun Mule

POTD: M32 Grenade Launcher

Photo Of The Day and time for some M32 Grenade Launcher action. I think you’ll agree that the M32 is a rather special firearm with its large cylinder. Below we look at a soldier in the Combined Joint Task Force – Horn of Africa, as he shoots an M32 Grenade [Read More…]

MRAD Sniper Rifle NZ Winchester 1886 i .33 WCF Pulsar Trail 2 USA 22LR

POTD: The NASA Space Gun

Today’s Photo Of The Day is composed by Mr 5lade. The firearm is a CZ Bren, kindly displayed by the Droid and flight assistant Maggie. But in this POTD we pretend it’s the next NASA Gun. While you’re in your deep sleep, traveling into unknown and remote [Read More…]