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Glock 1911 : Real or Fake?

Fake. Definitely fake. Not that they are likely to ever product a 1911, but if they did it would have a polymer frame and be called the G40 (the newest model Glock pistol is the G39 and hatever it may be, the next is expected to be called the G40). [ Many thanks to [Read More…]

A “Working” Wooden Glock 19

Magazine drops via a working magazine release, trigger moves and resets via a spring, slide cycles, sights are “dotted”, grip is profiled, etc. Trigger does move, and returns, on a spring. I love these working wooden guns. The craftsmanship is amazing. More photos [Read More…]

New Glock 19 and 23 RTF2

The 9mm compact Glock 19 and .40 S&W compact Glock 23 will both be offered with the Rough Textured Frame (RTF2). This frame does not replace the standard Glock frame, better known as the 3rd Gen Frame, on the G19 and G23, but will be available as an option. From the [Read More…]

Culper Precision Block 19 GEN5 Magwell

[SHOT 2021] New from Strike Industries – GEN5 Magwell for Glock G5 19/23

When the Gen5 Glocks were announced, reactions were a mixed bag. Some people welcomed changes like the flared magwell, while others either didn’t want it or thought it wasn’t enough. Well, for the people who wanted more flare in their lives, a new option now [Read More…]

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