MARSOC Authorized to Use Glock 19s

    MARSOC has won a small victory in attaining authorization to use Glock 19 handguns in qualifications. Soldier Systems has the story:

    In a Marine Corps MARADMIN message issued last week, MARSOC is authorized to use GLOCK 19 pistols, but as USSOCOM assets. This weapon has been used by SOF assets for some time and MARSOC has been working diligently with their parent service to officially authorize its use during annual quals. This is a win for the CSO.

    This annual MARADMIN isn’t reserved solely for MARSOC or the GLOCK pistol but rather has info that applies to the arming of all Marines. It is worth a read.


    Marine Corps Times has more details:

    In a Marine Corps first, the service recently added a Glock pistol to its list of authorized individual weapons, optics and modular attachments.

    However, the 9mm semi-automatic Glock 19 pistol is officially approved for use only by personnel assigned to Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command, according to a force-wide message issued in mid-February. In fact, the pistol will carry a non-Marine inventory number because it is a U.S. Special Operations Command asset, according to the message.

    It is not immediately clear if MARSOC has used the pistols unofficially before now, but they are popular throughout the special operations community. More broadly, they are standard issue for armies on several continents, a staple among international and domestic law enforcement, including the FBI and many local police departments. Glocks are ubiquitous among civilian gun enthusiasts. And they are even seen in the hands of some al-Qaida fighters.

    Of particular interest is the authorization of the Glock 19, but other weapons, too, were listed as authorized, including the M45A1 CQB and M27 IAR.

    Since the document regards the Marine special operations contingent, it’s hard to say whether this decision could have any affect on the ongoing Army Modular Handgun System program. However, it’s interesting to hear that the Glock handgun is apparently desirable enough for a significant effort to be made to allow its use in qualifications.

    Nathaniel F

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