[TriggrCon 2019] Taylor Freelance Goliath +20 Glock Mag Extension And VR80

    At TriggrCon 2019, Taylor Freelance was showing off their magazine base pads and extensions. Relatively new is their Goliath +20 round Glock mag extension and a couple of new prototypes they are teasing the market with.

    Taylor Freelance became popular with the pistol caliber carbine shooters for their +12 rd 9mm extensions.

    Taylor Freelance’s +12 rd mag extensions work great but their installation and more importantly their removal is a huge pain. You get a longer spring but the coils sit in between the mag body and extension. You have to slide the extension forward with the spring in the way.

    Their new Goliath extension is longer and built better. One problem with long mag extensions is that the extensions typically hold onto the small lip that the factory Glock base pads grab onto. That is not a lot of material so it is easy to break extensions off mag bodies. The Taylor Freelance Goliath has raised side walls that support the extension around the mag body itself where the metal lining is.

    Removal is easier now as they have incorporated a removable base plate. This makes it much easier to fix or clean your mag bodies.

    According to Taylor Freelance, their Goliath magazine extensions are so strong they tested it by dropping them fully loaded and lifting 80 lbs bags of concrete.

    At TriggrCon 2019 Taylor Freelance also showed off two new products. One is the bigger and longer version of the Taylor Freelance Goliath. This one is +30 rounds. Why would you need 60+ rounds in a Glock or PCC? Because America. Actually for those who shoot outlaw matches where stages can have high round counts. More ammo capacity means less reloading. Simple as that.

    Something else that is new is their VR80 shotgun mag extensions. This makes your magazine 10 rds.

    — Extend your 9-round VR80 shotgun magazine by THREE rounds to 12+1!
    — Extend the 5-round mag that came with the shotgun by two rounds, creating a much-more-useful 7+1.
    — Extend the 19-round mag by one round to get 20+1.
    — In a Low-Cap state? Leave the 9-round mag’s spring guide in place to limit the mag to 10+1.
    — Machined from solid 6061 aluminum bar stock.
    — Thumbscrew-and-gasket retention lets YOU choose — finger-tight for quick on-off, or screwdriver-tight for maximum security.


    The Taylor Freelance Goliath +20 rd extension is available now on their website for $69.99. And the VR80 extension is $39.95. No word on the +30rd Goliath but maybe if you email them to sell it, they will make it for you.

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