[NRA 2019] What’s in your Pocket?! Full Conceal Aluminum Glock for Sub-$400

    full conceal aluminum

    At the NRA Annual Meetings this past weekend, Full Conceal addressed a lot of comments from their customers by creating a lighter and more affordable version of their folding Glock, and unveiling the Full Conceal Aluminum frame. This is something that they alluded to accomplishing when we met with them at SHOT Show 2019 this past winter. Now at the NRA Show they finally had it for us to see in person.

    The Full Conceal Aluminum frame will fit any G19 Gen3, Gen4, or Gen5 slide assembly. This new frame is, in fact, complete and all you need to provide is your own slide. The asking price is a smooth $399 making it much more affordable for concealed carrry advocates to jump on board with the idea of a folding Glock pistol. Some of the other specifications, as provided by Full Conceal, can be read below:

    • Better Concealment Options: Switch between Traditional Holster Carry to 100% Concealed Pocket Carry
    • More Capacity: Carry 21+1 Rounds (9mm)
    • Smaller Footprint: 4″ High x 6.4″ Long x 1.26″ Wide (While Folded)
    • Prints like a Cell Phone in your Pocket
    • ​Lifetime Warranty

    full conceal aluminum

    Right now the Full Conceal Aluminum frame is set to ship out in the next 3 – 4 weeks giving it a tentative hitting the market date of early June. So if you are in pursuit of a pistol with higher capacity (21 Rounds of 9mm) and something that prints like a rectangle in your pocket, a Full Conceal Aluminum could be right for you.

    Our very own James Reeves from TFBTV swung by the Full Conceal booth to get a feel for this new frame for himself, and had this interview to share with all of us:

    So what do you think? Full Conceal has been making their folding Glock frames for awhile now and are not necessarily new to the game of crazy conceal-able, folding Glocks anymore as they keep innovating to new sizes and materials constantly. Would you slap on a G19 slide you own and carry one in some cargo shorts this summer? Let us know all of your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

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