[NRA 2019] NEW GLOCK G45 MOS Optic-Ready Crossover

    G45 MOS

    As we reported a few weeks ago, firearms manufacturer GLOCK announced the procurement of a large, ten year contract to supply the U.S. Customs And Border Protection (CBP) with a series of pistols. Two of these guns, the Gen5 G19 and the brand new G47 are optics-ready or what GLOCK refers to as the Modular Optic System or MOS for short. While the G47 is still a CBP exclusive at the time of this writing, GLOCK is now debuting a G45 MOS pistol – a compact slide, full size frame crossover pistol that is also optics-ready.

    The trend of law enforcement duty pistols that are capable of accepting red dot reflex optics without the need for major modifications is certainly interesting. We’ve reported in the past that large departments like Houston PD have authorized optics for use by sworn personnel. The question is, how soon will red dot equipped guns like the G45 MOS become the norm, rather than the exception?

    TFB Readers (fine, GLOCK Blog readers) familiar with the Austrian and Smyrna, GA based company announcements are already aware that products are released incrementally, adding features and models based on a roadmap that may be only known to Gaston himself. So while you may have been hoping for a bigger announcement at this year’s NRA Annual Meeting, my only advice is to have a sip of tea and revel in the product launches we have seen in the last ~18 months: the G43X and G48 silver slide slimline series, the G45, multiple Gen5 models and MOS pistols have all been made available to consumers. Check out the full listing of the latest GLOCK models here.

    The TFB team will be on the floor of the NRAAM convention this weekend in Indianapolis and James has promised a TFBTV video in the G45 MOS as soon as humanly possible. And since we all know that James isn’t exactly human, I’d keep an eye on the channel for updates.


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