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Update SVD Chambered in .300 Winchester Magnum (15) Thumbhole Stocks

Saddam’s SVD Clone: The Iraqi Al-Kadesiah ( بندقية القادسيّة)‎

The Iraqi Al-Kadesiah rifle was named after a battle bearing the same name in 636 AD which marked a key point in the Islamic conquest of what is current-day Iraq and Iran. The naming of weapon systems  whether it be small arms or missiles in Saddam’s Iraq was often based on important events [Read More…]

Soviet Experimental 6mm Sniper Rifle (TKB-0145S) (2)

Battle Arms Development: Rocking Full Auto with the Tanker and Paratrooper SBRs

For this episode, we took a trip to the folks at Battle Arms Development in Las Vegas and were able to get our hands on some of the companies newest rifle entries that were premiered at SHOT this year. The Tanker and the Paratrooper is sort of the manifestation of Battle Arms in the company [Read More…]

Target Lite

Revival of Insurgent Training Team Malhama Tactical

After a brief hiatus, the infamous Mahama Tactical training team is back in the spotlight again. The group’s former leader, Uzbek national Abu Rofiq was killed a while back and since then the team appears to have lost some key leadership. Since then, a Twitter [Read More…]

From Dragunov MA to AM-17 – how rejected designs become future weapons

Early prototype of AM-17, first public demonstration. August 2016 Recently, Larry Vickers visited Russia to get some pictures of rare and unique AKs for his upcoming Vickers Guidebook. He also visited the factory in Izhevsk and tried some of the newer weapons, including [Read More…]

Jim Fuller Talks Rifle Dynamics Beginnings, State of the AK Industry and New Products for 2018

Since Jim Fuller founded Rifle Dynamics more than a decade ago, the company has risen to an extremely high standard of craftsmanship within the AK industry in the United States. Jim talks about the story of the company, starting with his very first introduction to the weapon system as an electrician [Read More…]

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