[SHOT 2020] Zastava Arms M91 Rifle (7.62x54R) and ZPAP85 Pistol (5.56×45)

    [SHOT 2020] Zastava Arms M91 Rifle (7.62x54R) and ZPAP85 Pistol (5 (1)

    At SHOT Show 2020, along with the firearms announced last year, Zastava Arms USA also displayed two new guns that they have started importing just recently Рthe M91 DMR/sniper rifle chambered in 7.62x54mmR and the ZPAP85 pistol chambered in 5.56x45mm NATO.

    M91 Rifle

    First and foremost, what makes this gun really cool and desirable is that it is the exact same rifle that the factory supplies to the Serbian military. The only changes made to comply with the importation laws are the threaded muzzle with tack welds on the thread protector and the lack of the night sight insert in the front sight block. A small batch of these rifles has already been sold in the USA, and now they plan to import it in larger quantities.

    Chambered in 7.62x54mmR, this rifle is fed from 10-round SVD-style magazines that are not, however, interchangeable with SVD or PSL or any other similar pattern magazines. As seen in Yugoslavian AK mags, the follower of M91 magazine has a flat rear surface that will stop the bolt on the last round working as a quasi bolt hold open device – notifying about the empty mag but not keeping the bolt held back when the magazine is removed.

    [SHOT 2020] Zastava Arms M91 Rifle (7.62x54R) and ZPAP85 Pistol (5 (6)

    The M91 rifle is built using a reinforced RPK-style bulged front trunnion and 1.5mm thick receiver. The barrel is 24″ long, features a chrome-lined bore, 1:9 twist rate and threaded muzzle with 14x1L left-handed metric thread pitch. The rifle also comes with polymer handguards and stock with an adjustable cheekpiece.

    [SHOT 2020] Zastava Arms M91 Rifle (7.62x54R) and ZPAP85 Pistol (5 (4)

    The M91 rifle has a three-position adjustable gas block. The most interesting part of the gas system is, however, the design of the long stoke piston head. It has a hollow cavity and a couple of small vent holes. According to the company, the cavity increases the volume of the gas expansion chamber thus delaying the start of BCG’s rearward motion. This allows the bullet to leave the barrel before the BCG starts moving thus resulting in increased accuracy and less violently cycling action. Zastava Arms claims 1 MOA accuracy at 100 meters for these rifles.

    [SHOT 2020] Zastava Arms M91 Rifle (7.62x54R) and ZPAP85 Pistol (5 (3)

    The hollow piston head of the Zastava M91 rifle.

    The M91 rifles will come with a side rail mounted Russian POSP 4x24M1 scope (that is also supplied with the military guns), two magazines and a sling. Currently, Atlantic Firearms has them listed at $3,149.99.

    [SHOT 2020] Zastava Arms M91 Rifle (7.62x54R) and ZPAP85 Pistol (5 (5)


    The ZPAP85 pistols are chambered in 5.56x45mm and also have chrome-lined bores in their 10″ cold hammer forged barrels. ZPAP85 pistols feature bulged trunnions, 1.5mm thick receivers, hinged receiver top covers, charging handle catch notch on the safety selector lever, Krinkov style rear sight, polymer grip and wooden handguard.

    [SHOT 2020] Zastava Arms M91 Rifle (7.62x54R) and ZPAP85 Pistol (5 (2)

    The ZPAP85 pistols will be shipped with one Zastava Arms 30-round steel magazine. The price on the Atlantic Firearms website is $717.99.

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