[SHOT 2020] HK at SHOT Show 2020 Range Day

    Brannon LeBouef, from #nolatac, sat down with Heckler and Koch at the #shotshow2020 range day for #tfbtv to talk about their new offerings. Primarily they were showcasing their SP5 which technically came out a few months ago and James Reeves did a full video on. That is essentially a “civilian legal” MP5 from the German mothership. Check out James’ video on that one here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-1a1…

    Also, they told us about what are essentially in-line changes or perhaps a “Gen2” version of their VP9 pistols, which by the way, according to Hk are their most popular selling pistols in HK history. They made the magazines 17 rounds instead of 15, though they retain full cross compatibility, they upgraded the sights, and they will all come from the factory cut to accept the growing popularity of pistol mounted optics.

    We took a few moments to shoot both as well as some other fun toys they had spread out on the table, and as expected, it was a fun and malfunction free experience.


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    Brannon LeBouef is an 11-year veteran of the United States Marine Corps, a law enforcement officer since 1996, owner of the St Bernard Indoor Shooting Center, NOLATAC Training Center, NOLATAC Training and Consulting, and the NOLATAC Veterans Training Program. Brannon has trained people from all backgrounds across the world and also worked as a private security contractor overseas. Brannon’s core skill set is instructing and business development within the firearms industry.