CYPHER Virgin SCAR Receivers By Imperial Arms

    Found this on Facebook. Imperial Arms announced their CYPHER virgin receiver. Looking at the photo up top, you can guess what it is. It’s a virgin SCAR receiver!!! Now you can build a SCAR however you want. Pistol SCAR? Sure go right ahead.

    Virgin SCAR receiver

    Photo by Imperial Arms

    After years of quiet and painstaking development, we are very excited to announce for 2020, the Imperial Arms CYPHER and CYPHERX virgin upper receivers. Legally use your 16s or 17s components to assemble a pistol, SBR, rifle, or post sample registered receiver MG.

    In addition, injection molding tooling is being finalized for a UMP, B+T, and SB Tactical brace adapter, compatible with factory Scar receiver extensions. Estimated availability of late winter/early spring.

    We thank you all for your support and can’t wait to share other upcoming P90 and Scar related projects that have been cooking up in our lab!

    Before Imperial Arms, there was really only one other person making their own SCAR receiver. Otto Arms made his own MK20 style extended receiver. Years before FN offered their SCAR 20S. We saw his custom MK20 at the FN SCAR Owners group shoot back in 2017.
    Unfortunately, it seems to be a one-off. We have not seen Otto Arms offer up additional receivers.
    But now you can get the Imperial Arms virgin SCAR receivers and make a SCAR pistol. While the Otto Arms extended receiver was cool before you could buy a 20S, a pistol SCAR does not exist. It is something many SCAR owners have been demanding from FN America. They have small SCAR platforms like the SCAR-SC which the French just adopted. We saw the predecessor, the SCAR-PDW, at the same group shoot back in 2017. With the onset of the CZ Bren pistol, we thought FN would step up and make a SCAR pistol but sadly that is not the case.
    What is also interesting about Imperial Arms is that they are going to produce an injection moulded stock adapter that replaces the factory SCAR stock. Their design will allow you to use B&T stocks or an SBT5 style brace used on MP5s, Scorpion Evos and 805 Bren pistols.


    Photo by Imperial Arms

    Photo by Imperial Arms

    Photo by Imperial Arms


    According to Imperial Arms’ Facebook post, they are projecting an “Estimated availability of late winter/early spring” but do not worry, that is for the B&T stock adapter.

    They are making the CYPHER and CYPHERX virgin SCAR receiver. They are available now and ready to ship. The difference is whether you want to make a 16S or 17S. CYPHER is a 16S style receiver and the CYPHERX is a 17S style receiver.

    Introducing the CYPHERX receiver by Imperial Arms Co.


    • Multi Cal marked, virgin receiver compatible with FN SCAR™ 17s 7.62 components
    • Machined in the USA from 6000 series aluminum extrusion
    • Black, type III milspec anodized finish
    • Aggressively stylized
    • Makes a great platform for a new custom build (rifle or pistol), replacing a damaged factory receiver, or an NFA post sample registered receiver machine gun
    • This is a serialized firearm and must ship to an FFL (please provide your dealer’s contact information at checkout or have them send a copy of their license to [email protected]). This can not ship until we have a copy of your dealers license.
    • All NFA rules apply

    The downside is that you would have to take all the parts from an existing SCAR like the bolt, barrel and gas system as well as the trigger housing. This is partially due to the lack of parts. There are not a lot of factory SCAR parts available for sale. Some companies do make aftermarket barrels but that is obviously only a fraction of what you need to build a SCAR. Hopefully, we will get our hands on one and see how well it works.

    The CYPHER retails for $389 while the CYPHERX is $399. Check out their website for more information.

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