Brownells Introduces California Compliant RETRO Rifles

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    Brownells have released California compliant versions of their Retro family of reproduction rifles. As you know, these rifles have a lot of “scary” features such as pistol grips and flash hiders, however, deleting these features or replacing them with featureless parts to make them California compliant would completely ruin the historical appearance of these replicas. That’s why Brownells opted to install Battle Arms Development fixed magazine conversions in their California compliant Retro rifles.

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    BRN-10A CA

    Battle Arms Development fixed magazine conversion is basically a spring-loaded plunger installed into the lower receiver. When the rifle is assembled, the upper receiver pushes the plunger down which locks the magazine release button and makes it impossible to detach the magazine. In order to restore the magazine release button’s function and remove the magazine, you need to pivot the upper receiver open. This allows the plunger to pop up and unlock the magazine release button.

    Brownells California Compliant Retro Rifles - Proto (9)

    Note the Battle Arms Development fixed magazine conversion plunger installed in the lower receiver.

    Here is a video showing the California compliant Retro rifles and the way Battle Arms Development fIxed magazine conversion works.


    The following models of Brownells California compliant Retro rifles are currently available for preorder. Right now the prices of all these rifles are discounted.

    Apparently, the California compliant Retro rifles come with 10 round magazines. I wonder if it is possible to use 20, 25 and 30 round magazines with internal capacity limiting mechanisms – that’d make these rifles look even better.

    If you want to learn more about Brownells Retro rifles, take a look at their model timeline page.

    Images by Brownells

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