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Lazy Photoshopping

Remember this … Caleb Sommerville, who worked at the Kansan, wrote a comment on the blog … I worked at the Kansan as a reporter when this article (and horrifying picture) ran. Jessica Wicks is a friend of mine, and I remember very well this front page. Let [Read More…]


Hi Y’all, Thanks for your kind words, I am feeling a bit better and I plan to be back blogging on Tuesday. But … I have amassed hundreds of emails in my inbox. I estimate is would take many hours to reply to them all. It would mean another whole week of no [Read More…]

The AAC Party ’10

As many of you saw, I had to resort to public begging to get into the Advance Armament Corporation party aka. BIG BANG 2010. Fortunately Cara Brittingham took pity on me and hooked me up with tickets not only for myself but also for my talented photographers Bryan and [Read More…]