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Back for today

I just want to post a few interesting things so y’all stay informed about the latest news … The funny thing about blogging is that when I am doing it day in and day out, I long for a break. Once on a break I long to open up my blogging software and crack out [Read More…]

What is this thing?

David emailed me to ask what the below object is. I have no idea, although the suggestion that it’s a cartridge delinker sounds plausible. I believe it is a military accessory and I would like some help to identify what it is. Attached is a picture, there is a [Read More…]

Gun Nut Ink

Gun blogger Top of the Chain got himself inked for his birthday. I think it looks awesome! For those of you not familiar to the phrase “ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ”, it means “Come and take them!”. The Spartans were said to have said it in reply to the [Read More…]