A Ruger Semi-Automatic Shotgun Is In Development. Ruger SR-12???

    When Ruger’s President and CEO Michael Fifer took the helm the company was not participating in some of the fastest growing segments of the firearm industry. They did not have a striker fired pistol, an AR-15, a 1911 or a sub-compact polymer carry pistol. The last major segment the company is conspicuously absent from is that of the semi-automatic shotgun.

    Ruger manufactured its Red Label double-barrel shotguns from 1982 until 2011. The shotguns were reputed to be very poor sellers.

    During Ruger’s Q4 earnings calls, President and CEO Michael Fifer was asked by an analyst if the company was “doing anything at all with shotguns in 2013”. Fifer responded saying …

     … we are hard at work on shotguns, and that’s one of those projects that should have been a year, and now it’s multiple years into the making. But I’m sure we will bring them to market one day soon.

    I can’t see Ruger wanting to get back into the double-barrel market so soon after exiting. I also can’t see them enter the pump-action. There is a lot of pump-action competition and prices are lower. The high-end semi-automatic shotgun market is where the money is. Any guesses when the “Ruger SR-12” will appear?

    Steve Johnson

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