TFB Policy On Paid Reviews (We Don’t Do Them)

    As the number of staff writers has increased, and we are able to increase the number of product categories covered by the blog, so has the number of people accusing us (and me in particular) of doing reviews in exchange for money. Let me be absolutely 100% clear:

    We do not accept payment for reviews. We have never accepted payment for reviews. If any of our writers is caught accepting payments from third parties in order to facilitate publishing a review on TFB, they would be fired immediately. No exceptions.

    Additionally, there is no reason why any company would want to pay us for a review. If a company wants their products reviewed all they have to do is ask. We don’t cover every product category (although we are expanding, see the Knife category for example) and we can’t cover every single variation of every product, but we do our best to accommodate companies when they ask. If any manufacturers are reading this, you can get in touch with our T&E manager here.

    Funny enough, I also take a flak from some manufacturers when they don’t like what one of our reviewers wrote about their product. I guess that if nobody is happy then I must be doing a good job 😉

    – Steve J, Benevolent Dictator & Editor-in-Chief of The Firearm Blog

    Steve Johnson

    I founded TFB in 2007 and over 10 years worked tirelessly, with the help of my team, to build it up into the largest gun blog online. I retired as Editor in Chief in 2017. During my decade at TFB I was fortunate to work with the most amazing talented writers and genuinely good people!