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At the request of a friend, this is what SHOT ’10 looks like. These photos are from the official SHOT Show flickr photostream … The place is packed with humanity. Many, I hope, are like me and are lost. The convention center is a maze.

AAC at SHOT Show

Advanced Armament Corp does not wait for SHOT to announce new products, so there was nothing on display that we did not already know about. They did have lots of large caliber machine guns fitted with suppressors on display. I will blog about the AAC party as soon as I [Read More…]

Media Day disclosure

In the interests of full disclosure, these were the free gifts given to me at Media Day (the industry shoot before SHOW Show starts). What you have there is four caps, one notebook, eye and ear protection (not really a gift), a backpack and a Otis cleaning kit-in-a-can [Read More…]

My visit to NRA HQ

Ed Friedman, Associate Editor of the NRA’s Shooting Illustrated magazine and gun blogger, was kind enough to organize for me a tour of the NRA. I had the pleasure of meeting most the editors for the Shooting Illustrated, American Hunter, American Rifleman and [Read More…]

Back from holiday

I am back from holiday for a few days. I had a crazy time. I managed to crash my car on a mountain pass after the weather turned foul. I thank the Lord I am alive. I am fine, but my car is not. Just a heads up – I will be traveling later in […] Read [Read More…]

Ruger’s YouTube channel

Unbeknown to me, Ruger has had a Youtube channel since May of this year. Last week they started a series on the history of firearms. The first episode, about early hand cannons, “aired” last week and is worth watching. Also online are Part 2 and Part 3.