Best YouTube Channels For 2013: Mr. Colion Noir

    If you haven’t subscribed to Mr. Colion Noir on YouTube, you are missing one of the funniest, most intelligent, and best spoken gun culture personalities on the web right now. His videos are short, to the point, insightful, and… well, this dude just cracks me up. In a recent review of a very nice Kimber Pro Covert II, he compared the 1911 to a stripper (looks great, feels great, but will she be there in your hour of need?) and mused that the muzzle rise is “noticeably noticeable”. He said what the rest of us were already thinking in his Saiga 12 video: “Its biggest selling point, capacity, comes in the form of a 12-round magazine that looks like a polymer 2×4.” A good political commentator and product reviewer needs to have a way with words, and Mr. Colion Noir never, ever disappoints. By the way, I should probably mention that he’s one heck of a shooter as well.

    Colion Noir and Stripper

    If you are a firearms industry company with an excellent product, Mr. Colion Noir will make you look very good with excellent photography, music, and video production. If your product sucks, stay away from this guy because he tells it like it is and will have the gun world laughing at you, in about four minutes and thirty seconds of quick wit.