Surefire Hellfighter

    When you really need to reach out far and light someone up, the Surefire Hellfighter is what you need. The 10-pound 3,000-lumen light can withstand the recoil of crew served weapons like the M2 Browning, the M134 Minigun and the Mk19 Grenade Launcher. It can be powered by one or two BA-5590 lithium batteries or by a 12v vehicle system. One BA-5590 gives it 1.5 hours of continuous operation on high beam.

    Surefire Hellfighter 4

    M2HB Machine Gun with M88A Hellfighter Mount and Hellfighter light.

    Surefire Hellfighter 1

    M134 Minigun

    Surefire Hellfighter 3

    Steve Johnson

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