Otis Tactical Pink

    Otis Tactical Pink

    Otis Technology announced a new cleaning kit that they state is “geared toward female hunters and shooters.”  The Tactical Pink is an all-in-one cleaning kit in a soft-sided case that uses the company’s Breech-to-Muzzle cleaning components.  The case has loops for attaching to a belt.

    According to Otis, the following are some of the highlights of the Tactical Pink cleaning kit:

    • it allows you to “show off your feminine side”
    • covers a wide range of calibers including .22, .270, .30, .38 and .45 plus 12 gauge
    • includes patches and bore brushes
    • includes varying length cables for pulling patches and brushes through the barrel
    • includes a T-handle with obstruction removal tool
    • the case is black with pink accents
    • includes a pink bore flag to show an empty gun

    The kit retails for $59.99 on the Otis website.

    Otis Tactical Pink


    Otis Tactical Pink

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