SureFire Releases $500 Tactical Wristlight

    SureFire’s new model 2211 WristLight is intended primarily for law enforcement officers who don’t have a weapon light mounted to their sidearm. The light is tilted “upward” from the wrist at a precise angle, and thus shines straight ahead when the wearer’s hand is grasping a pistol. It features three brightness settings– high at 180 lumens, medium at 60 lumens, and low at only 15 lumens.


    Surefire advertises that the LED bulb is “virtually indestructible”, and the unit’s body is constructed from aerospace grade aluminum. Twin ergonomic switches allow for quick control of the light, and its lithium-ion battery recharges via USB cable. Dedicated wall chargers are so 20th century, don’t you agree?

    2211 Wristlight Diagram

    The 2211 WristLight has everything we’ve come to expect from SureFire. Top notch construction, innovative and well executed concepts, the latest technology in a small, lightweight package, and a price tag that will make you do a double take. At $495 retail, most of us won’t be buying a few of these to play Iron Man with the kids. Police departments that are considering changing sidearms due to lack of weapon light options for their guns are more likely to consider the 2211 WristLight a cost effective option.