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New Timney Triggers Glock Flat Trigger Shoe now Available CZ Scorpion Trigger from Timney Become a Beta Tester for the Timney Triggers HK91 Replacement Trigger

Timney Announces 2016 Customer’s Choice Offering – Replacement Two-Stage Triggers for Ruger Precision Rifle

Anyone who’s been shooting very long at all is familiar with Timney triggers. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say they make the best triggers available. Of course, there are a couple of companies that make excellent triggers but Timney has always seemed to me to [Read More…]


Timney Tavor Trigger

I got to fondle a Tavor SAR at the SHOT Show with Timney’s new trigger kit installed. The Tavor is one of the hottest new rifles on the market right now, and in my opinion it’s the best bullpup design to date. However it still suffers from one of the major [Read More…]

Timney Trigger For Model 70 Rifles

Timney Triggers have developed a drop-in replacement trigger for the Winchester Model 70 rifle. From the press release … Timney Triggers, the oldest and largest trigger manufacturer in the world, has been making replacement triggers for over 65 years. In that [Read More…]

Timney Trigger for Savage Axis

Timney has produced a aftermarket trigger for the budget-priced Savage Axis (formally the Savage Edge) rifle. The blued model will retail for $104.95 and the nickel plated model for $114.95. The Savage Axis rifle has a MSRP of $349!

Lefty Triggers from Timney

It had never occurred to me that southpaw Remington 700 rifles needed different triggers. For 2010, Timney is offering this same trigger, as well as the model 700 trigger without a safety, for left hand Remington model 700 rifles. Now left handed hunters, target [Read More…]

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