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TFB Armorer’s Bench: Closer Look – Ballistic Precision Chronograph Kit

Welcome everyone to the TFB Armorer’s Bench! As mentioned in the little blurb, this series will focus on a lot of home armorer and gunsmith activities. In this article sponsored by Wheeler, Tipton, Caldwell, and Frankford Arsenal, I decided to give a Caldwell [Read More…]

Heckler Koch HK433 SILENCER SATURDAY #232: KAC Mounts - KAC QDSS and KAC QDC TFB Review: ANR Design's New Link Sling Sniper Range in Djibouti HUXWRX FLOW 556k Wins FBI Hostage Rescue Team 5-Year Contract Industry Job Openings: Apply To Join Team SureFire Rheinmetall Introduces the Squad Support Weapon Helios House Press Launches Kickstarter for Covert Cards: Weapons of the Cold War FN Herstal and Fiocchi to Supply 5.7x28mm Ammo to the U.S. Market An Overview and Review of InRangeTV's Woodland Brutality 2022 Concealed Carry Corner: Smaller Isn't Always Better

Concealed Carry Corner: Smaller Isn’t Always Better

With summertime hitting the Northeast and Midwest states full force this week, there’s no better time to look at carrying smaller guns. Individuals who live in the great north have lost their security blanket of layered clothing and heavy coats with the rush of [Read More…]

HENSOLDT THEON NightVision GmbH P365XL Spectre Comp Slide Assemblies Available from SIG Sauer New Aimpoint Micro Mounts for ACOGs Teased By Arisaka Defense New Oppressor Universal 3-Lug QD Base Set from Strike Industries