POTD: French, Italian, U.S. Forces – Joint Sniper Range in Djibouti

Eric B
by Eric B

We hope you’re having a fantastic day! Today we’re taking you to Djibouti for some sniping. We have French Forces and Italian Armed Forces, alongside Virginia Army National Guard soldiers assigned to Task Force Red Dragon, Combined Joint Task Force – Horn of Africa. They’re conducting a sniper live-fire exercise at the Arta Range Complex.

French, Italian, and U.S. Forces conduct joint sniper range in Djibouti

French, Italian, and U.S. service members cross-trained on weapon systems and exchanged information during this joint training event. Members of CJTF-HOA regularly train and work alongside allies, partners, and government organizations to achieve a unified effort to improve safety, security and prosperity in East Africa.

I’d be a little careful where I placed my rifle and gear, as it looks like there’s a potential for things to start rolling downhill.

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Photos by U.S. Army National Guard photo, Staff Sgt. Jeff Clements. Combined Joint Task Force – Horn of Africa

Eric B
Eric B

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  • Justa dude Justa dude on Jun 17, 2022

    Maybe it's a perspective thing on that first pic, but it sure looks like that one dude is waaaaay back off the line and has one or two other shooters in front of him, like danger scary in front of his muzzle. Could he just be spotting with his scope. . . do they let you do that with a scope mounted on a weapon??

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    • Abu bin Balaclava Abu bin Balaclava on Jun 18, 2022

      @justa dude Quite right, there was a tragic accident later.

      Pictures not included for obvious reasons.

  • Andrew Andrew on Jun 18, 2022

    Good spot to go snorkeling with whale sharks. Bring sunscreen.