New Aimpoint Micro Mounts for ACOGs Teased by Arisaka Defense

Luke C.
by Luke C.
New Aimpoint Micro Mounts for ACOGs Teased By Arisaka Defense

Both the Trijicon ACOG series of riflescopes and the Aimpoint Micro red dots are optics that are highly sought after by people who like high-quality optics. Although both optics are individually very capable at their respective distances, combining the two gives the operator a more useable set of optics at a wider range of distances. Arisaka Defense just teased that they were in the process of producing new Aimpoint Micro Mounts for ACOGs.

More from Arisaka Defense @ TFB:

New Aimpoint Micro Mounts for ACOGs Teased by Arisaka Defense

Aimpoint Micro mounts for ACOGs are in production, coming soon. These will be available through an industry partner. 😁
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A typical Trijicon ACOG and RMR mounting setup

Trijicon ACOG riflescopes typically have mounting points for a Trijicon RMR sights. This enables the user to securely mount a piggybacked RMR red dot optic that is in line with the riflescope and can more effectively be used in close quarters and shorter-range engagements that don’t require any magnification. However, RMRs are typically limited in their use as they have an exposed emitter, and also require removal for battery replacement (unless a dual illumination version is used). The Aimpoint Micro on the other hand uses an enclosed emitter, has better night vision capabilities, and even has an arguably better dot size being much smaller and therefore more precise.

Aimpoint Micro Red Dots on Arisaka Defense mounts

The Arisaka Defense Aimpoint Micro mounts will be made from aluminum and likely anodized similar to the rest of Arisaka Defense’s lineup of optic and illumination device accessories. While I was perusing through the comments, Arisaka Defense seemed to also hint that they would be putting ACRO mounts into production soon as well probably due to a combination of customer demand and also to capitalize on the recent release of the ACRO P2 red dot sight.

Check Prices on Arisaka Defense Optics Mounts

What are your thoughts on this new mount for the Trijicon ACOG? Let us know down in the comments and be sure to keep tabs on the Arisaka Defense website and TFB for details on the pricing and potential release date of the new Arisaka Defense Aimpoint Micro mount for ACOGs.

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