HOT GAT or FUDD CRAP? Sweet Pistol Pup or Straight to the Pound?

Austin R
by Austin R
HOT GAT or FUDD CRAP? Sweet Pistol Pup or Straight to the Pound?

Welcome everyone to the 103rd edition of ‘Hot Gat or Fudd Crap?’, one of our many series here on TFB. If you’re new to the series, this is where we look at the most obscure firearms that are actually for sale and ask the question – is this Gat a sweet deal or only has a Fudd appeal? Each week the TFB staff weighs in with their thoughts, but readers get the final say in the poll at the bottom of each article.

In our last edition, our poll showed that you, the readers, found the Girsan Regard to be an overwhelming load of fudd crap.

HGFC - Turkish Treasure or Fudd's Delight - Poll Results

At this time, the original auction has ended with the Gold Girsan selling for $1,375.00. Congratulations to GunBroker buyer Stewart987 on what they’ve deemed a hot gat.

In this week’s edition of HGFC, we look at a very custom 10” AR-15 pistol. As is tradition, this tactical AR pistol is currently up for sale on GunBroker for $1,177.77 Buy It Now.


Sweet Pistol Pup or Straight to the Pound?

HOT GAT or FUDD CRAP? Sweet Pistol Pup or Straight to the Pound?

Let’s see what the Staff had to say about this week’s offering:

“AR build and asking price brought to you by” – James Reeves

“If jUsT As gOoD had a mascot” – Matt E.

“This is what happens when you give stimmy checks to mentally underdeveloped teenagers.” – Will P.

“It seems I missed the AR pistol sale at Harbor Freight.” – Nicolas L.

“That pistol reminds me of my first junkyard parts BMX build. That didn’t end well, either” – Rusty S.

Selling this short tactical gat is GunBroker seller DocsFirearms, located in Villa Rica GA. Let’s see what they had to say about this custom “Pistol Pup”.

HOT GAT or FUDD CRAP? Sweet Pistol Pup or Straight to the Pound?

Note: The item description has been truncated. Please see the auction for the full item description.

This is our Pistol-Pup 10 Model. You get a New AR 15 Pistol custom assembled by gunsmiths for less than the price of assembly-line ones. New and ready to shoot AR-15 in .223 Rem/5.56 NATO with 10” Barrel The upper begins with an 10” Nitride coated (Black) Stainless Steel Barrel in .223 Rem/5.56 NATO caliber with 1:7 twist.

INCLUDED in the price is a Illuminated CV Life™ Red/Green Dot Sight with 4 different Reticles and 5 brightness settings, in both Red and Green. It provides quick target acquisition, pinpoint accuracy even at longer ranges, and a wide field of view. It has adjustable elevation and windage settings, and the Anti-reflective coating, unlimited eye relief, multi-coated optics, windage, and elevation adjustments create a sight with optimum performance. It includes an integrated mount and batteries. ALSO INCLUDED, is a Souforce™ 45 Degree adjustable “Flip-Up” Iron Sights (you just turn the gun 45 degrees to use them without moving the scope).

Dressing out the front of the pistol is a flashlight and lazer combination INCLUDED for FREE. These are set up in the pictures for ease of operation with the non-firing hand.

This barrel has a Neat Muzzle Break on the end – it actually enhances the flash rather than suppressing it with its 5 Elongated Spiral Ports and directional stabilization keeping the muzzle quite still until the bullet has left. And it has a deeper tone!

HOT GAT or FUDD CRAP? Sweet Pistol Pup or Straight to the Pound?

Everything about this pistol confuses me. I have no idea why someone would want a flash enhancer on a 10″ AR pistol, but if you’re going to flashbang someone you might as well bring a light and laser to the party.

HOT GAT or FUDD CRAP? Sweet Pistol Pup or Straight to the Pound?

The offset sights, to me, are the most confusing part of this pistol. Yes, I could critique the parts chosen for this build all day, but offset iron sights on a red dot pistol is just strange. Sure it works, but it’s just strange. I guess at this point you might as well have a windowed upper receiver. You know, on the opposite side of your engraved dust cover. For added effect, let’s add what I’d assume is the most uncomfortable charging handle ever created.

AR builds certainly put beauty in the eye of the beholder, and this certainly creates some “interesting” looking firearms. Are there some quality parts in this build? Yes. Do I think it’s worth it for the price? Absolutely not. However, I’ve been wrong before and that’s why I leave it up to you, the reader, to decide.

HOT GAT or FUDD CRAP? Sweet Pistol Pup or Straight to the Pound?

What do you think? Is this AR-15 “Pistol Pup” a Hot Gat or just terrible try hard Fudd Crap? Be sure to let us know in the comments below, and cast your vote to let us know if this AR-15 Pistol Pup is a Hot Gat or Fudd Crap:

Austin R
Austin R

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  • David David on Jul 29, 2021

    From the seller's payment info section "This AR is individually hand-assembled and smithed so should retail at Thousands more.**Serious Buyers Only**"

  • Xerxes036 Xerxes036 on Jul 29, 2021

    I'm not taking this site seriously anymore how can y'all call that fudd crap!? That's a BA gun!!!!!! 🤣🤣