[SHOT 2024] Armsan Shows Tactical Shotgun With AR & AK Features, And New 20-Gauge Slug Gun

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[SHOT 2024] Armsan Shows Tactical Shotgun With AR & AK Features, And New 20-Gauge Slug Gun

At the SHOT Show, Turkish manufacturer Armsan presented two new shotguns, each incorporating elements from well-known firearm platforms. The first is the RS23 shotgun, innovatively blending the AK-style action and stock with AR-compatible triggers and grips. This shotgun comes ready for customization with an M-LOK forend and a rail atop the receiver, along with flip-up sights for immediate use. A notable feature is the ease of disassembling: the gas system and barrel are threaded, permitting quick removal without the need for professional gunsmithing. While the manufacturer did not specify the MSRP, it’s worth noting the market already hosts similar models starting at around $275. Prospective buyers can expect to see these on the market by June and will appreciate that retailers have the option to order in any Cerakote color they desire, allowing for a level of personalization.

Product specs for the RS23 include:
– 12 gauge with a 3-inch chamber.
– Choice between 5-round or 10-round magazines.

Additionally, Armsan unveiled the A612, a new shotgun with an M4-style design that may pique the interest of slug gun hunters. Unlike the typical “Turknelli” shotguns aimed at the tactical shooter on a budget, the A612 features a longer, rifled barrel appropriate for hunting and comes equipped with a cantilever scope mount in addition to iron sights. It is chambered in 20 gauge, offering a less intense recoil experience and potentially a more affordable option for hunters, particularly noted since the discontinuation of H&R’s single-shot 20 gauges. As with the RS23, the A612 leaves finish and barrel choices to the discretion of the resellers, encompassing options from camouflage to other specialized coatings and a variety of barrel lengths.

Specs for the A612 are as follows:
– Chambered for 20 gauge/3-inch shells.
– A 5+1 magazine capacity, with extensions available for those desiring more.

Armsan’s latest offerings at the SHOT Show indicate a trend towards integrating familiar firearm features into new designs, catering to the versatile needs of the contemporary shooter and hunter. The RS23 and A612 both demonstrate an innovative approach to shotgun design, presenting modularity, ease of maintenance, and customizable aesthetics alongside practical applications in sport and hunting.

TFB Staff
TFB Staff

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