Mossberg Silver Reserve Eventide HS12: Cut-Down Double-Barrel For Home Defense

Zac K
by Zac K
The Mossberg Silver Reserve Eventide HS12 offers a compact self-defense option. [Mossberg]

Mossberg is expanding its double-barrel shotgun lineup—this time, they’re aiming at the home defense market. The new Mossberg Silver Reserve Eventide HS12 is a cut-down over-under that will serve multiple purposes but make no make mistake. This shotgun was built primarily for the home security market.

Mossberg @ TFB:

Mossberg released a whole host of Silver Reserve Eventide shotguns earlier this year, but those were all longer-barreled over-unders that were obviously intended for hunting use. The Silver Reserve Eventide HS12 comes with barrels chopped at 18.5 inches and has no provision for installing screw-in chokes. The muzzles aren’t threaded; both barrels are cylinder bore, with 3-inch chambers.

The break-action design and the shorter barrels mean the gun is very compact and easy to manage inside a building, with an overall length of 36 inches. But with a weight of just under 7 pounds and a fixed breech action, you’ll feel the gun’s recoil for sure, if you’re feeding it a diet of heavy magnum buckshot or slugs.

A tang safety and break action means this shotgun is equally useful for left-handed or right-handed shooters. [Mossberg]
The Silver Reserve Eventide HS12 comes with a fiber optic bead. If they want to upgrade their sighting system, users can attach an optic to the Picatinny rail mounted to the back of the barrel. There’s also another rail under the barrel where users can attach accessories such as a light or laser sighting system.

Here’s what the Mossberg website says about the new shotgun:

Silver Reserve Eventide break-action shotguns feature synthetic stocks and forends, shell extractors, chrome-lined barrels and bores, and dual-locking lugs for durability and a multitude of applications including sporting, hunting, and personal protection.

The asking price in the U.S. is $770, which is a lot for a security shotgun with only two shots. However, some users may prefer the simplicity of the break-action design, and in some markets, this may be the only kind of shotgun that a buyer can legally own. For more info, check out Mossberg’s website.

Gauge12 Gauge
Action TypeBreak-Action
Chamber Size3″
Barrel TypeVent Rib
Barrel Length18.5″
Barrel FinishMatte Blue
ChokeCylinder Bore
Ejection TypeExtractors
EngravingMatte Blue w/Logo
LOP TypeFixed
SightsFront Fiber Optic
StockSynthetic (Black)
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