Sharps Bros Livewire AR-15 Lower Receiver

    Sharps Bros Livewire AR-15 Lower Receiver (3)

    Sharps Bros has introduced a new AR-15 lower receiver called Livewire. Unlike their previous lower receivers (Warthog, Hellbreaker, Overthrow and The Jack), Livewire has a more traditional look. The new receiver has several nice features like the flared magazine well and the enlarged trigger guard.

    Sharps Bros Livewire AR-15 Lower Receiver (2)

    The Sharps Bros Livewire lower receiver is machined out of 7075-T6 aluminum and has a black mil-spec anodized finish. It has a heavily flared magazine well to make the magazine insertion an easier and faster process. The integrated trigger guard is also enlarged and it’s front portion forms a stepped transition to the magazine well which should also help to guide the magazines. This lower receiver is compatible with standard GI magazines and Magpul PMAGs.

    Sharps Bros Livewire AR-15 Lower Receiver (4)

    Livewire lower receiver is also compatible with mil-spec lower receiver parts as well as any mil-spec upper receiver.

    Sharps Bros Livewire AR-15 Lower Receiver (5)

    The first batch of stripped receivers is available at a special price of $199.99. That is a limited time and limited quantity offer and once that first batch is sold out the price will rise back to the regular $239.95.

    Sharps Bros Livewire AR-15 Lower Receiver (1)

    Livewire lower receiver with a standard upper receiver.

    In January 2018, TFB reported about the new billet upper receiver made by Sharps Bros. If you remember the appearance of that upper receiver, then you must have thought what a cool looking combination that upper would make with the Livewire lower. In the image below you can see this really nicely matching combination of Sharps Bros receivers.

    Sharps Bros billet upper with Livewire lower

    Sharps Bros billet upper receiver with their Livewire lower receiver.

    If you want to learn more about the Sharps Bros company, you may also like to listen to the Skillset Magazine’s podcast with John Sharps, the owner of Sharps Bros. During the podcast John tells how he came to the industry and started the company as well as about product designing and development in general.

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